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98.5-03 7.3L CNC Fab 4-Line Feed Fuel Line Kit

98.5-03 7.3L CNC Fab 4-Line Feed Fuel Line Kit

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CNC Fabrication T4 Turbo 4 Line Feed Fuel Bowl Retain Kit (1999-03)


Upgrade your fuel-system with 4-line-feed fuel-line kit designed to eliminate the infamous "#8 injector knock and fuel starvation in the #1 and #8 cylinders" during higher RPMs and heavy throttle while towing.  This kit also eliminates the parker-style Vibralok fittings who's o-rings are prone to failure and are quite the bottleneck for fuel delivery to the galley (in the heads).

All lines are made of mandrel bent 304 stainless steel and are double flared to ensure a proper seal. The kit comes with all necessary fittings for a complete install. No OEM fittings will be reused.  This system has been tested for more than 6 years while running a set of 160/100 up to 450/400 single shot injectors with no issues.  If running bigger injectors than 180cc it is recommended that you upgrade your fuel pump or add another stock pump.

CNC Fabrication’s Fuel Bowl Delete option really cleans up the engine valley area, allowing better access to the high pressure oil pump and lines, and comes with fuel supply fittings for a complete install. Customer is responsible for adding the 1/2″ fuel rated hose from the pump to the manifold block though.

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