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CNC Fabrication Valley Mount Fuel Line Kit (1994.5-2003)

CNC Fabrication Valley Mount Fuel Line Kit (1994.5-2003)

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CNC Fabrication Valley Mount Fuel Line Kit (1994.5-2003)


Upgrade your fuel system with CNC Fabrication's 4-line-feed fuel-line kit designed to eliminate many of the infamous leaks from the mechanical fuel pump and the stock fuel bowl. There are currently three color options: red, blue, and black.


Meant for installation with factory or aftermarket drop-in style turbos to convert to an E-fuel system

Upgraded with aerospace/military grade high flow Genuine Parker Ferulok™ fittings

Eliminates many leak points from the stock factory fuel pump and fuel bowl

Base plate and distribution manifold are pre-assembled for easier installation

All lines are made of mandrel bent 304 Sandvik Coromat seamless stainless steel tubing

Every single kit is test fit during production to ensure perfect fitment

Comes with all necessary fittings, o-rings for turbo pedestal, bolts, and freeze plug for a complete install.

Test port to measure/set fuel pressure

1/2" AN (-08) inlet for plenty of volume of fuel for unlimited size injectors

Lines are bent in the U.S.A. right here in our shop on our state of the art 3 axis CNC tubing bender for a perfect fit every time

 **NOTE:  The High Pressure Oil lines in the picture do not come with the kit.  Those are sold separately.  The 99-03 7.3L line kits look much nicer installed with this fuel line kit with the factory bowl and pump eliminated. 

This kit works great from stock 90cc/0 injectors to how ever large you want to run.  It is a kit that is for the DIY person wanting to convert their truck to an electric fuel pump system.  Pump, regulator, and filters will need to be purchased.  There are quite a few other shops that build quality fuel pump/filter/regulator kits that will work great with this fuel line kit.  All you need is some 1/2" 100psi minimum fuel rated hose/line from the customer supplied pump assembly up to the fuel distribution block, and your good to go.


You can also build your own pump setup if you like.  We recommend using a stock Superduty Bosch pump for stock to 160/30 injectors, the AEM 400lph pump for mild built trucks for above 160/30 to 250/100 injectors, or the Fuelab Prodigy pumps for competition trucks running 300cc or larger, and we also recommend using Fuelab adjustable regulators.  For a more plug-n-play type fuel pump/filter setup we recommend the AirDog II 5G Fuel Pump as it has the filters and regulator built in, a lifetime warranty (as long as you turn in your receipt within 30 days of purchase), and is simple to install as all the legwork for finding fittings/adapters comes with the AirDog kit.  The only thing you need to do with the AirDog II 5G with an OBS is to cut off the "mini fuse tap" wire that is meant for the 99 and newer trucks to an "ATO (regular) fuse tap" for key-on power to send power to the supplied relay, and install the pump as directed by AirDog.