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(1980-1996) - F-150/Bronco - Complete Performance 2" Leveling Kit

(1980-1996) - F-150/Bronco - Complete Performance 2" Leveling Kit

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Complete Performance 2 Inch Leveling Kit (1980-1996) F-150 / Bronco

This kit is designed to level out your OBS F-150 or Bronco.

Features an machined aluminum spacer for precision fit and installation. The aluminum construction will not deform or deteriorate over time like other leveling kits on the market. A zinc-plated steel spring retainer stud extender is included to insure proper fit and function.

Easy to install! Even better is that you now can get the leveling lift you want all while maintaining the factory ride!

**Requires Front end Alignment**


1980-1996 F150 & Bronco


Some Notes about Alignment:

  • These trucks were built in the 90's, quality control was not what it is today. Each truck will require a different degree of caster/camber bushing.
  • The Twin I-beam suspension works great in stock form, but does not take to lifting¬†or lowering well. 2 to 2.5 inches is all the lift or drop you can get from springs or a leveling spacer.
  • When using our level kit you will have to get an alignment and often times over a 2.5 degree bushing is required. From what we have found the adjustable bushings available¬†online will not give you the degrees needed.


 We do not sell the bushings at this time, it is best for the alignment shop to do this so that they get exactly the bushings they need per the measurements they get off your truck. 

You can buy fixed degree bushings online in case your alignment shop is unable to get them locally.

** NOT TO BE USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH NEW SPRINGS. We assume no responsibility of damages or loss due to suspension modification.**

**Lastly, We have also found though research some I-Beams have a thicker casting ridge on them than others and when installing high degree bushings the knuckle can come in to contact with said ridge. This ridge offers no structural support and can be ground smooth to allow for full range of motion.