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Decked In-Bed Drawer System

Decked In-Bed Drawer System

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Decked In-Bed Drawer System


This in-bed drawer system is a game changer for storage and utility for your truck bed. As you likely know, if you have tried to order a system for a 92-97 Ford F-Series, Decked does not actually make a system for these trucks.  We have done our research and found a kit that can be modified to work. Trimming of the upper deck is all that is required to make this system function in a 92-97 F-Series.

Decked does not build an 8' bed system. This kit will fill a short-bed, but it will leave a 2' gap in the front of a long bed.



  • Ergonomic - A 200lb per drawer capacity of your organized gear and tools is at your fingertips. Drawers slide out at waist height for easy access.
  • Weatherproof - DECKED truck bed tool boxes keep your tools and gear secure, dry and out of the elements. However, drawers are not airtight. Airborne particulate matter such as dust and mist may infiltrate drawers. Ammo cans are not waterproof.
  • Secure - Close ‘er up, and you're beloved 12 gauge, Bessie, and everything else is out of sight. Lock the storage drawers and your tailgate, and you have total peace of mind.
  • Full Bed Use - Hey tough guy, no sacrifices, no B.S. DECKED has a true 2,000lb payload and preserves the entire foot print of your bed. So load up and get busy livin’.
  • Organized Storage - End the junk show. Easily access your tools and gear. DECKED truck bed organizers get you dialed and makes your life more efficient.
  •  Customizable - Dial in your DECKED tool boxes with locks, trays, dividers, CoreTrax, and T-Tracks which are available separately. DECKED does NOT come with these accessories, 'cuz not everyone wants 'em.


***This is not a direct fit product. This product has to be modified to work.  We do not send instructions on modifying this product.  If you can't measure your truck bed and measure this system to figure out how much material to remove please do not purchase this kit***