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Edge Evolution CTS3 Programmers 85401-101

Edge Evolution CTS3 Programmers 85401-101

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Edge Evolution CTS3 Programmers

The next generation Edge Evolution CTS3 programmers will continue to include all of the great features, benefits, and extended coverage from the CTS2 product line, while adding a sleek, new exterior and cutting-edge screen. The Evolution CTS3s reprogram your vehicle's stock computer through the OBDII port, saves the factory files to easily return to stock, and then uploads the Edge calibrations. They come with multiple power levels custom tuned by a whole team of engineers, and can be installed in minutes without ever popping the hood. Edge Evolution CTS3 programmers greatly increase horsepower and torque, and not only re-tunes your vehicle, they stay mounted in the cab of the vehicle offering real-time, monitoring of vital engine and vehicle data for a complete gauge package.

Edge Evolution CTS3 programmers feature:

* Most comprehensive, state-of-the-art, multi-gauge/tuner touch screen display on the market
* 3rd generation design is faster and more capable than ever
* Power levels designed for daily driving, towing, performance, and extreme
* Simple installation just plug into OBDII port--no wiring required
* Monitor key vehicle parameters like transmission temperature, boost, rpm, and dozens more
* Full color, 5 in. capacitive touch screen with auto-dimming
* Offers crystal clear data at your fingertips
* Highly customizable gauges and backgrounds
* Boot-up directly to gauge screen upon key cycle
* Swipe capability allows easy switching between screens as needed for towing, performance, economy, etc.
* Built-in performance meter measures 0 to 60, mile times, and more
* Advanced integrated data logger with export capability
* Ability to add vehicle licenses to tune multiple vehicles with one product
* Clear and read DTC codes
* Wi-Fi updateable