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Dieselsite Boost Relief Valve

Dieselsite Boost Relief Valve

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Dieselsite Boost Relief Valve

ELIMINATE the SES light caused by OVERBOOST.


The SES light for overboost will come on at about 25 lbs. causing the PCM to decrease fuel delivery attempting to control the boost.  This condition usually occurs in "chipped" vehicles. Our BRV+ (Boost Relief Valve Plus) will relieve any excess pressure to the map sensor while allowing the engine to receive full boost.  No more SES light and full fuel delivery through all RPM and boost ranges. 

The boost relief valve is installed in the line to the map sensor. This line is located on the passenger side of the engine compartment and runs over the intercooler tube right behind the oil fill tube. Make sure the arrow is pointing towards the map sensor. 

By designing a CNC machined valve, every BRV+ will work flawlessly and exactly alike.  Every valve, in order to work correctly, MUST have a precise orifice sized for proper volume control as well as the blow off valve.  We have machined the BRV+ so that there is no chance of human error when creating the small orifices necessary to make the valves work. You get quality precision pieces, every time. The new valve provides a clean looking installation with less weight. (5.1 oz. vs. 3.7 oz.)

BRV+ ports come plugged in case you're not using them. To install a boost gauge, simply remove one plug and install your boost fitting.  Our pictures below show the BRV+ installed with a boost gauge in each port.  This is done to measure your actual boost and what the map sensor sees at the same time -- this requires two boost gauges.

Special Note: Both ports come from us with plugs installed. Your boost gauge should come with the fittings needed to install a boost line to the valve. Should you not have them, or your gauge did not come with them, these can be obtained at any hardware store. Simply ask for a 1/8" npt (national pipe thread) x 1/8" compression. This is a standard plumbing fitting.




READ THE WEBSITE FOR FULL INFORMATION ON HOW THE VALVE WORKS AND WHAT IT WILL FIX.  An SES light does not just mean overboost.  Please don't waste our time or yours by not reading the enclosed instructions and ALL information found on this website.


Make sure the valve is not STICKING.  You spray a metal lubricant such as WD40 or Amsoil MP into the valve (under the dust cover plate) and work it in by pulling on the ring a few times.  The valve will last indefinitely but may require a light spraying about every year or so - or after sitting for long periods of time. The BRV+ is a mechanical fix to a problem. As long as the valve is blowing off normally, IT CANNOT FAIL in its attempt to prevent the SES light and therefore defueling of your vehicle at boost pressures exceeding 24-25 psi. 


Bottom Line:¬† If you have the valve installed correctly, and it is not sticking¬†- your chances of having an SES light due to overboost are slim to none.¬† Make sure that you have SCANNED AND READ THE CODES associated with the SES light you are seeing. There is no such code¬†titled ‚Äúoverboost‚ÄĚ, so we cannot help you if you don't have the actual code name and number.¬†