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Fuel Cap Holder

Fuel Cap Holder

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Fuel Cap Holder

This is a universal Fuel cap holder that is mounted to the back of the fuel door. The Fuel cap mount is held to the fuel door with 3M adhesive tape. Made from 18 gauge stainless steel. If you're tired of losing your fuel cap or leaving it on the bumper, this is a great solution.

Review by Garrett Mazon

I purchased two of the Fuel Cap Holder from Complete Performance. Upon arrival
and initial inspection, the holders seemed to be of quality construction. Stainless
Steel is a great material for this as it won’t corrode like aluminum, or rust like
regular steel.
The double sided tape adhesive used to secure the holder to the gas door is 3M, and
of the thinner variety of double sided tape. This is ideal because it keeps the holder
from flexing on the door, keeping movement in the holder to a minimum, and
keeping the fuel cap out of the way.
The cap being secured to the door does not interfere with fuel filling. The nozzle
and cap stay out of each other’s way, which is ideal. It would be bad if the cap were
in the way of putting fuel in the truck! Some may not see the purpose of these
holders. However, on a diesel truck, the fuel doesn’t evaporate like gasoline, and
when the cap lays on the paint, it will transfer fuel onto the paint which is not ideal.
But, that’s only if your original fuel cap tether is still working and there! Most of
them have broken by now, or had the retainer break in the bed, which allows the
tether to fall out of the bed.
So, even if your truck has the original tether, this holder is still a nice piece to have
since it keeps the fuel cap from rubbing the paint, or transferring a fuel spot onto the
paint. These are also ideal if your tether is not longer there, or functioning the way
it was supposed to which keeps you from setting the cap on the tire, or bed side, or
bumper and then forgetting you’ve placed it there and shutting the door. Which it
does happen, especially if you’re in a hurry!

This is for you to know, and you can add it in if you wish:

My only complaint about this holder is placement. You absolutely must make sure
the placement of the holder will not interfere with the fuel cap when the door is
shut. Also, the sticker on the fuel doors can be anywhere on
the door. On most of the trucks I looked at here, the 3M Tape would land directly on
the “fuel type” sticker, which could lead to problems down the road with the tape
failing, or the sticker peeling off and letting the holder fall off.