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High Pressure Oil Rail System

High Pressure Oil Rail System

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The Full Force Diesel high pressure oil rail system has been designed to help maintain higher oil rail pressures in your 7.3L Powerstroke without putting more strain on your high pressure oil pump.  By installing the rail system into the high pressure rails, they will allow a reduced amount of oil pressure into the rail while maintaining the same pressure, this reduces the flow from the HPOP.  A reduced oil consumption from the oil rail allows more pressure to make it to the injectors while requiring less IPR duty cycle.  The Full Force Diesel Rail System allows you to run larger injectors on your stock or modified HPOP,  they will aid in running all the way up to 350cc injectors. 

Common sized injectors such as the Stage 1’s and 2’s, with a flow rate of either 160-180cc’s, and Stage 3 injectors with flow rates between 238-300cc’s, can utilize the stock 17 degree HPOP. With higher flowing, competition style injectors, in the 350cc range, we recommend using a modified HPOP such as a Dieselsite Adrenaline or CNC Stage 2 HPOP.
The FFD Rail System will work with anything in the HPOP system. HPX (high pressure crossover) line, FFD Dual Pumps, any dual pump system, aftermarket oil pressure sensors, etc.
Installation is very easy. We estimate 45 minutes to 1 hour install time. Simple removal of the oil rail plugs will gain you access to the oil rail log. Slide the back-half of the rail into the oil log, attach and screw together the front half. Slide the rest of the way into the oil log and install the new oil rail plug that comes in the kit.