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Hood Side Emblem Gaskets

Hood Side Emblem Gaskets

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**Hood Side Emblem Beaded Pads - Pair - 1967-72 Ford Truck**

Are you in need of replacing your hood side emblems? Restoring your truck and to the point of installing your hood emblems? These Hood Side Emblem Beaded Pads are the perfect solution to protect and enhance the look of your 1968-72 Ford Truck. Designed to fit seamlessly under your emblems, these pads provide both protection and a polished finish.


  • **Complete Pair:** Includes both driver (left) and passenger (right) side pads.
  • - **Durable Material:** Made from molded rubber for long-lasting protection.
  • - **Protective Design:** Raised bead edge wraps around the emblem sides to safeguard your paint from scratches.
  • - **Enhanced Appearance:** Gives the emblem a clean, finished look, adding a touch of elegance to your truck.


Complete the restoration of your classic Ford truck with our extensive collection of decals and emblems.


Ensure your emblems are securely in place while protecting your truck's paint with these high-quality beaded pads. Perfect for restoring and maintaining the pristine condition of your classic Ford truck.