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IDP OBS Up-Pipes

IDP OBS Up-Pipes

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The Irate 7.3L OBS, OEM replacement turbo mount system was designed specifically for the old body style (OBS) application.

The Irate OBS, OEM system works with your original factory turbo and exhaust manifolds.

This unit can be used as a direct drop-in replacement for the factory up-pipe system, and installs from the top without having to pull transmission!

Like our fully race proven systems the OBS, OEM is a fully back-purge tig welded one piece unit designed to maximize exhaust flow for greater boost.

The OBS, OEM replacement is built from the exact same materials as our full race turbo mount system and uses our proprietary Irate Diesel Bellow system.

  • No leaking exhaust with these.
  • Hardware and gaskets needed for installation are included.
  • These install from the top¬†without¬†having to pull transmission!¬†

Note: we try to keep these in stock, but are typically ready to ship in 2-4 business days.