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OBS 7.3L Accessory Battery Bolt

OBS 7.3L Accessory Battery Bolt

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OBS 7.3L Accessory Battery Bolt

We build custom battery cables for customer trucks in our shop, and we've seen just about every imaginable "shade tree" method of adding additional electrical accessories. One of the cleanest ways we've seen is a double ended battery terminal bolt found on some OE vehicles. We tried to find these through distribution channels for battery terminal products and couldn't locate them we decided to make them ourselves. If your vehicle has the common lead battery connectors (as shown in the pictures), you can swap in our battery bolt on one or both terminals and have a clean location to make any power and ground connections necessary. One really nice plus to this setup is that adding or removing accessories doesn't disturb the main battery connection, and vice versa.

Battery bolts are sold INDIVIDUALLY, and include (2) of the proper shouldered nuts (as shown in the photos). We recommend using one on each battery connector to make sure that your accessories have equal quality power and ground connections.

NOTE: These do NOT fit vehicles with the newer style "stamped steel" battery terminal connectors. Please make sure you have the typical lead style connectors as shown in the photo before ordering.