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OBS 7.3L Driven Diesel HPOP Gear Access Cover Kit

OBS 7.3L Driven Diesel HPOP Gear Access Cover Kit

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OBS 7.3L Driven Diesel HPOP Gear Access Cover Kit

This HPOP Gear Access Cover Kit from Driven Diesel will simplify removal and reinstallation of the high pressure oil pump, as well as provide an oil return location. The cover features a captured o-ring design that requires no sealant and eliminates the possibility of the o-ring moving during installation. It also has a #6 female o-ring boss port that can be used as an oil return for a twin high pressure pump or bypass oil filter setup...or any other oil drain need for that matter. 


This kit also includes a new Exhaust Backpressure Sensor tube. Rather than make a bracket to mount the EPB sensor in the stock location, blocking the gear access cover and making removal "less convenient", we've decided to move the EBP sensor away from the cover so it no longer needs to be touched when servicing the HPOP. The new EBP sensor tube is S.S. and tucks the EBP sensor off to the side, out of the way. 

Included in the Kit:
•Driven Diesel Gear Access Cover w/O-Ring and Plug
•Driven Diesel S.S. EBP Sensor Tube
•S.S. Installation Hardware

This "kit" is not necessary for 94-97 trucks that have the EBP sensor located behind the high pressure oil reservoir (unless you are planning to move the sensor). If you have a 94-97 truck with the EBP sensor behind the reservoir, you only need the Driven Diesel HPOP Gear Access Cover.