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OBS E-Fuel Dual Bosch

OBS E-Fuel Dual Bosch

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This Dual BOSCH fuel pump kit takes our OBS E-Fuel system to the next level! It includes every single component to properly and completely install this product onto your truck. This kit targets individuals who want extreme reliability or have higher performance requirements than what a single Bosch fuel pump can handle. The OEM super duty Bosch fuel pump is widely believed to be the most reliable fuel pump for your 7.3 Power Stroke. Typically, an individual pump can maintain fuel pressure at wide open throttle up to around 350 RWHP. During our testing, we found our dual kit to be able to support 550 RWHP. So far, a set of 250cc/200nozzle injectors is the largest setup we have properly supported with this kit.

While the dual pump filter bases put this kit in a league of it's own - we have taken it several steps further. 

1. A single tank conversion is INCLUDED in this kit. Enough line is supplied for EITHER tank to be used. You decide if you want to use a pick-up tube, a sump or a sump fitting (sump fitting is only available for the rear tank). 

2. You can choose between an OEM style turbo kit or a T4 style turbo kit and it doesn't change the price! 

3. For people who plan to swap to a T4 turbo kit AFTER they install their fuel system - you can add the T4 modification bag to your kit for only an additional $100.


  • Dual OEM Bosch pumps that will handle up to 250cc/200% injectors – be sure to test at wide open throttle. 

  • New as of 4/25/24 - Dual pump billet aluminum filter bases with a removable stainless steel filter nipple and port size improvements to reduce size, weight and number of fittings needed! Flow is not negatively affected since the inlets of the fuel pumps combined have a smaller flowable area! Arrows milled into the bases point towards engine. These filter bases offer a single larger inlet into dual outlets that "push on" to the fuel pumps. Then the fuel pumps screw into a second filter base that has 2 inlets and one outlet. This design makes our kit the EASIEST and QUICKEST to replace fuel pumps on the market!

  • 2 options to use the front tank and 3 options to use the rear tank! Just specify which one you want at the time of order - NO CHANGE IN PRICE! 

  • Ability to use with either an OEM style turbo or T4 turbo - at no extra charge! 

  • 18” overall installed width, which means that the ONLY truck that REQUIRES you to mount this kit on the outside of the frame rail is a regular cab 4x4. There is no need to "shorten" the fuel system up anymore than this. 

  • New as of 3/14/24 - A pair of stainless steel, laser cut brackets with stainless steel hardware. This bracket system was designed to mount the kit on either the inside or outside of the frame. The parking brake cable is unobstructed by install and with the extreme adjust ability of these brackets – the bottoms of the short filters will not hang lower than the frame!

  • All ORB/JIC/Banjo connections for leak free operation/easy installation. If you are installing NPT fittings into the heads on our T4 Modification bag - extreme caution should be taken to avoid cracking the ports.

  • Every fitting required for install, plus extra’s!

  • Complete fuel bowl delete, replaces all factory fuel system lines except the rear of head lines. Unless you wish to install a T4 turbo - and then we include those lines as well.

  • Complete regulated return featuring a FueLab 3 port regulator.

  • T4 turbo kits require optional T4 mod bag. You can order this modification at the same time (no change in price) or at a later date. Additionally you can order it at the same time as your kit so you get both the OEM style turbo option AND the T4 turbo option - for only an additional $100. 

  • Feeds the rear of the heads through the factory lines. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REMOVE THE TURBO!

    • OEM lines have worked for 25+ years and will continue to. Reminder, these lines have supported MORE horsepower than what DUAL Bosch pumps can support.

  • Complete parker 801 push-lok hose. All kits include enough hose to fit a crew cab long bed!

  • Turbo compressor discharge O-ring standard on all kit, and new banjo washers included for leak free operation - on our OEM turbo application.

  • We supply extra fitting’s, electrical connectors, heat shrink and hardware. You will NOT be heading to the auto parts store to supplement this kit!

  • Average install time is between 10-12 hours, making it the easiest and quickest COMPLETE install on the market!

  • Complete dual pump CUSTOM wiring harness utilizing;
    -10 ga. or 14 ga. wiring (depending on relay position). x 2
    -30/40 amp relay. x 2
    -15/20 Amp reset-able circuit breaker. x 2
    -All Molex terminals. x 2

  • Video links provided for full installation.


  • Bosch OEM pumps – These pumps are an icon in reliability and revered for their ability to endure pre pump conditions unfit for most other pumps. In this kit however - you MUST convert to a single tank and we supply whatever option you choose to connect to your fuel supply. This pump works well in our testing up to 180cc injectors by itself where fuel pressure starts to drop at wide open throttle. Once these pumps are combined - we have tested them up to 250cc/200nozzles without issue. We also offer discounted “plug and play” replacement pumps (with connector installed), that will be more affordable than any local box store. Each Bosch pump is also tested before it leaves Marty’s Diesel. You will NEVER receive a “DOA” pump.

  • Marty’s Diesel handles the warranty on the fuel filter bases, brackets, hardware, fittings, etc.

  • FueLab handles the warranty on the regulators.

  • Shipping is included in the price of the kit to any of the lower 48 states.

  • All sales are final.

Installation Instructions:

  • Please follow this link. OBS E-Fuel Installation instructions. < These instructions are for our standard OBS E-Fuel but the differences will be discussed with each customer when ordering.

  • IF you get a T4 mod bag and it’s time to install fittings into the heads, be EXTREMELY careful when installing the NPT fittings. They are to be installed as tight as you can by hand and then ONLY tightened 1.5-3 more turns. I would HIGHLY recommend making sure the ports are clean and free of debris. Marty’s diesel is NOT responsible in any way if you crack the head from improper installation.