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Enhance Your (1987-1997) F-Series & Bronco with OBS Solutions Aluminum Tailgate Panels

Enhance Your (1987-1997) F-Series & Bronco with OBS Solutions Aluminum Tailgate Panels

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OBS Solutions Aluminum Tailgate Panels (1987-1997) F-Series & Bronco

The OBS Solutions Aluminum Tailgate Panels fit 1987-1997 Ford F-Series Trucks and Broncos. If your tailgate did not come with a panel you will need to drill two holes on each end of your tailgate for this panel to work.  OBS Solutions will supply you with a template to do so. They DO NOT fit Bronco's Step-side beds or 1980-86 F-series trucks. This product is sold as either a raw aluminum piece or with a satin black powder coating. If you choose to leave it as-is they highly recommend applying a clear-coat to preserve the finish. NOTE: The Tailgate panel does not mount completely flush to the tailgate.  Ford used special tooling and dies to mold the panel to the complicated contour and bends of the tailgate. The gaps in fitment are minimal and hidden by the taillights when the tailgate is shut. Please view and read the detailed instructions and photos prior to installation. With that being said, OBS Solutions' panels mount using factory fasteners and achieves secure adhesion to the tailgate through heavy duty 3M Body Panel Adhesive.


**These panels are is sold without emblems. Emblem needs to be a 7x2-3/4 oval when selecting the Oval Relief option. This panel is modeled after the 2017+ Platinum Super Duty.**