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OEM Trackbar Mount Repair Bracket (1999.5-2004 F250/350)

OEM Trackbar Mount Repair Bracket (1999.5-2004 F250/350)

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OEM Trackbar Mount Repair Bracket

 Over time and in rough conditions the design flaws of the OEM lower track bar mount can sometimes cause it to fatigue and break. Unfortunately Ford's fix is to buy an entirely new axle. PMF's heavy duty replacement mount will allow you to repair a damaged and broken mount without having to spend huge money to get your truck back on the road! They have designed this to minimize the amount of welding required on the installers end, but this still needs to be installed by a competent welder/tech.

This does require removal of the old bracket and will need to be welded in place. They don't all break in the exact same spot so some custom work might be necessary on the installers end.


1999.5-2004 F-250/350

1999.5-2004 Excursion

**Experienced fab work and welding is required for this product**

**This does away with the OEM stabilizer mount. It is recommended to get PMF's dual steering stabilizer kit instead.**

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