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PMF 2WD to 4WD Front Frame Box Kit (1992-97)

PMF 2WD to 4WD Front Frame Box Kit (1992-97)

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PMF 2WD to 4WD Front Frame Box Kit (1992-97)

On the 1992-97 OBS F-250/350 2WD trucks, the front section of frame horn is open channel, unlike the 4x4 frame.  When converting to a 4x4 and or adding an RSK kit, it requires that this section be boxed.  With these heavy duty weld in 1/4" steel cnc formed brackets, you can easily convert your 2WD frame.

Other companies plates offered for sale come with holes already cut and tube sleeves in them causing them to only work with their own products. We have also found that the sleeves are often welded crooked and out of place, requiring needless extra fab work by the customer. PMF's plates come blank, with no holes in them so that you can drill whatever hole configuration your RSK or swap needs! This also allows you to position them for the best possible fitment within the frame rail without having to worry about the holes shifting around during welding.

These come as a pair.

These will need to be drilled using your RSK/brackets/etc as a template.