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PMF Lift Blocks (1988-1997 F250/350)

PMF Lift Blocks (1988-1997 F250/350)

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PMF Suspension Fabricated Blocks

We are proud to offer what we think is the most unique lift block on the market today. 

PMFs heavy duty lift blocks incorporate the u-bolts for an extremely solid and secure setup.

You will never have to worry about your block shifting around, or worse yet a failure.  Many aftermarket lifts make you stack multiple blocks which not only looks bad but could allow one to be spit out.  Replace them with one of our blocks to prevent any worry!

We also make these in 1/2" increments which allows you to set the stance of your truck EXACTLY how you want it!  All blocks are fabricated from 1/4" and hand welded to ensure every set that leaves here is perfect!  All blocks are designed to accept up to 3/4" ubolt.  If you need something different, please shoot us a call and we can custom build a different configuration.

All blocks have multiple pin locations to allow you to move the location of your axle.  This is needed sometimes to allow you to center your axle within the fender-well.  If you need to make use of this option, you will need to order our Adjustable Ubolt Top Plates aswell.

To order simply select the size of the block that you would like to order.  This is the height of the block in the center directly over the axle.  

Then select the pinion angle you would like.  This is the angle or taper of the block to help align your driveshaft.  Typically with the taller the lift height, the more taper you will need.

Bumpstops are optional on all blocks.  This is the tang that sticks out on the side of the block and makes contact with the bumpstop on the bottom of your frame rail.  With some lifted applications these are not functional because the tire will hit the body before the bumpstops come into effect.  We also offer air bag tangs to mount the bottom side of an "inboard" bag setup.  This does require you to locate and drill whatever mounting holes are needed for your particular bag configuration.

We also offer custom length and larger diameter ubolts.  We bend them in house which allows us to make virtually any length you would like.  If you order 3/4" ubolts, they will automatically include new top plates aswell!  These ARE NOT included with the blocks, please view our other items if you need them!

As always if you are unsure of exactly what you need to order, dont hesitate to give us a call!