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PMF Suspension Ubolt Kit


With our in-house bender and large stock of threaded rod on hand, we can custom bend almost any length and configuration needed.  We use nothing but the industry standard grade 8 fine threaded rod, extra thick washers and tall nuts.

All kits are for the rear of the truck.  We also make front ubolts but please contact us directly to order them.

Kit includes:

  • (4) Ubolts
  • (8) Tall Nuts
  • (8) Extra Thick Washers

To Order:

Choose the diameter of ubolt you would like.  The 5/8" diameter ubolts are what come stock on this year vehicle and are sufficient for most applications.  In high HP trucks and trucks equipped with blocks taller than 7" we recommend that you upgrade to the 3/4" ubolts.  Included in the upgrade price of the 3/4" ubolts are new Adjustable Location Top Plates.

Now choose the axle diameter of your vehicle.  Single rear wheel trucks will have a 3.5" axle and dual rear wheel trucks will have a 4.0".

Then select what the height of the block(s) that will be used are.  This height should be measured at the middle of the block directly over top of the axle.  Always round to the taller size if you are in between sizes.

Determine what type of leaf pack you have.  A standard leaf pack will consist of a leaf configuration where the top most leaf runs full length from eyelet to eyelet.  A standard leaf pack will have a thickness of 2-3".  If your pack is thicker than this choose the "top mounted overload option".  A truck with a "top mounted overload" will have a small spacer between the main pack and the top overload which is not connect to anything at each end.

Optional items:

  • Extra long- adds an extra 2" to the length of the ubolts.
  • Adjustable Location Ubolt Top Plates- replaces your stock ubolt top plates to allow the axle to be moved front to rear.  You must use a set of blocks that have this ability aswell.


Special Notes:

  All orders are shipped in a raw finish.