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(92-97) RSK - (OBS Springs) F-250/350

(92-97) RSK - (OBS Springs) F-250/350

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TTB Drop Brackets*?

The F250 with Twin Traction Beam axles will require a set of TTB Drop Brackets. When selecting a TTB simply select the drop height equal to the lift height of the RSK you are purchasing. If you would like to know more detailed information on this please contact one of our customer service representatives (409-383-6004)

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Sky's Offroad Design Shackle Reversal Kits (OBS Springs) F-250/350


These trucks are notorious for having a terrible ride quality when put up against newer trucks in its class. This kit is by far the most affordable way to create a superior ride for your 1992-1997 F250/F350 by changing the location of the spring shackles from the front of the spring as it was factory to the rear. This creates a much smoother and more enjoyable ride.


What this kit does:

  • Provides a much better ride than stock
  • Eliminates the weak front shackle design
  • Levels the front of your truck

You will need to add the Tuff Country Pivot Drop Bracket if you're are installing this on a 1992-1997 F250 with the factory Dana 50 still in place.