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Sky Manufacturing (78-97) 4x4 2" & 4.5" Rear Shackle Flip Kit

Sky Manufacturing (78-97) 4x4 2" & 4.5" Rear Shackle Flip Kit

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Sky Manufacturing (78-97) 4x4 2" & 4.5" Rear Shackle Flip Kit

  • Rear shackle flip kits position the shackle downward in order to allow the rear leaf springs to follow a more natural arc instead of fight the leaf spring under compression.
  • Noticeable ride improvement.


  • Truck: 78-97 Ford F-250/350, 92-18 E-350,  80-96 Bronco/F-150
  • Spring: Kits fit the 3.5" overall width spring.


  • Includes rear hangers and hardware for rear bolting hangers to frame. 
  • Sold in a set to replace each side of the vehicle.
  • Hangers use factory bolts to attach hanger-shackle.

Additional Information:

These kits fit the 80-97 Ford F-250-350 platform, and can be modified to fit the Bronco / F-150 by re-drilling the frame mounting bolt holes.


  • Remove Factory Rivets and hanger
  • Install Rear Shackle Flip (there is a left and right, line holes in frame up with bracket so it runs close to parallel with the frame) secure using 1/2-1.5” bolts. It is very common to need to die grind 1 or 2 holes in the frame to line up with the bracket. Ford stamped and riveted everything so nothing is ever quite the same twice.

Pinion angle should be checked after installation, corrected if needed. Axle center line may have moved forward from stock. Giant lift springs will affect axle position more so and is very difficult to plan for without having parts assembled on the truck.