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Sky Manufacturing Dana 60 Front U-Bolt Flip Kit

Sky Manufacturing Dana 60 Front U-Bolt Flip Kit

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Sky Manufacturing Dana 60 Front U-Bolt Flip Kit

What It Is:

Sky's simple and effective U bolt and plate kit for 88-97 Ford Dana 60 Kingpin or Ball joint front axle. Whether your're swapping the axle under something else, or just trying installing it under your F-250 F-350 platform, this will help!

This kit eliminates the factory small u bolt plate/shock mount and replaces it with a formed laser cut 3/8ths plate and swaps the u bolts to the upward position.

This will require notching of differential housing low web to maintain u-bolt. You will also need to modify the factory trac bar mount if retaining the stock short bar. It has been modified to work with U bolt reversal. You loose the factory trac bar axle mount when you do the U-bolt flip kit. A new mount needs to be fabbed or some people have simply ground out the plate to except the round upper facing u bolts.

Kit use's grade 8 5/8ths u-bolts, 3/8ths ar50 steel plates. Kit is not a universal fit with slotted U bolt holes, it is designed specifically for the Ford axle, 3" wide leaf springs.
Fully made in the USA. 

There are no shock mounts on the spring plates.They are available as an option!

Shock mounts are 3/16ths formed steel, welded in place, 1/2" eye.