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Sky Manufacturing Universal Traction Bar Bracket Kit

Sky Manufacturing Universal Traction Bar Bracket Kit

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Sky Manufacturing Universal Traction Bar Bracket Kit

What it is: Sky's has been building traction bars since the days of Garage Fab 1995. Realizing the need for a simple component, kit minus the tube, we have comprised our top-end fab parts for a simple "Hard parts" kit. 

What it Does: Provides the needed hard parts to fab one pair of single-link traction bars with customer supplying tube of desired length and size.

What it fits: This is a universal weld-on parts kit that requires fabrication, as well as the actual link material. Axle mounts are currently cut for a 3.5" axle tube, with more sizes coming. 

What you need: This kit and your choice of link material. Round, square, flat bar; It's up to the end-user choice. We use 2" Round 120 wall, bushing casing is 2.250 OD, 2.125 wide.

What it includes: Two weld-on frame mounts set at 2.625" ID, two weld-on axle mounts set at 2.625" ID, four bushing casings, four 9/16" bushing sleeves, grade 8 bolts, 8 poly bushing halves.