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Strictly Fuel Filter Kit (Upgraded Pump)

Strictly Fuel Filter Kit (Upgraded Pump)

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Strictly Fuel Filter Kit (Upgraded Pump)

(Filter - BF1252) - This Baldwin Fuel Filter / Water Separator is designed to be on the suction side of the fuel pump.  We recommend this filter when using high volume aftermarket fuel pumps like the Fuelab or Aeromotive, and include this filter in the optional Pre-Pump Filter upgrade that's available with our High Performance Fuel Delivery Kit.  See below for Fuel Filter Specs.

Flow Rates: 
Greater than 210 GPH @ 1 PSID
Greater than 300+ GPH @ 3 PSID

Other Specs: 
Capacity in Grams: 59
Filtration: 9 micron @ 86% / 40 micron @ 99%
Burst Pressure: 150psi
Collapse Pressure: 100psi


(Filter - BF7633) - This is the same Baldwin Fuel Filter used in our "Post Pump Fuel Filter Kits", "Race Fuel System Kits" and "Complete OBS E-Fuel Conversion Kits".  This 2 micron fuel filter is designed to be on the pressure side of the fuel pump.

This filter is also an excellent replacement for the pressure side filter on FASS Titanium Series fuel pumps (coupled with a Baldwin BF1258 as the Water Separator).