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(1994-2003) Unlimited Diesel Performance Stage 3 Powerstroke Fuel Injectors

(1994-2003) Unlimited Diesel Performance Stage 3 Powerstroke Fuel Injectors

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Unlimited Diesel Performance Stage 3 Powerstroke Fuel Injectors

These are the ultimate towing/street/strip Stage 3 Powerstroke fuel injectors by Unlimited Diesel with 238cc and either 80% or 100% Nozzles! These injectors are capable of 500 RWHP, but can also be detuned to tow heavy loads with EGT’s less than 1250*F sustained! This is a great choice for someone who has installed an upgraded turbo. Even with the size of these diesel fuel injectors, dual high pressure oil pumps are still not a requirement with proper tuning. Head studs are recommended if you are planning on running over 40 psi of boost. Fuel pressure should be checked also to ensure at least 60 psi. Custom tuning required for optimal performance. Fits1994-2003 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel engines.

Each Unlimited Diesel Performance Powerstroke fuel injector:

  • Includes NEW Tungsten coated Plunger & Barrel assemblies
  • Inlcudes NEW Nozzles
  • Has o-rings replaced, and new nozzle springs installed
  • Solenoids are all inspected for proper resistance
  • Cores thoroughly cleaned using a Pro Ultrasonics cleaning unit for a super clean injector body.
  • Injector clearances reset to proprietary specs
  • Is bench tested at a full range of RPMS and oil pressures
  • Is backed by Unlimited Diesel's limited lifetime warranty

Common Issues that require Powerstroke fuel injector replacement:

  • Plugged Nozzles
  • Blowby from Nozzle Pintle
  • Scored Plungers and Barrels
  • Broken Plunger Spring
  • Broken Nozzle Spring
  • Blown Internal Orings
  • Blown External Orings
  • Scored Poppet Valves
  • Worn Armature Clearances
  • Armature contacting solenoid
  • Loose adapter plate screws
  • Loose armature screw
  • Shorted/open solenoid

*Fuel injectors are sold in sets of 8. Call for single fuel injector pricing. We use ONLY New Alliant Power External Orings, beware of cheap orings. We have had multiple customers call us with competitor products using inferior orings that have failed.

Core charge will be refunded provided your existing Powerstroke injectors do not have any external damage and are rebuildable.

Under no circumstances will any injector cores be accepted that are shipped via United States Postal Service. There is a $50 per day late fee for cores returned after 21 days. Cores must be injectors that are in good physical condition, are rust free, and have not been burned or externally damaged. Cores that have been subjected to any alternative or "Bio" fuels will not be accepted as good cores. Any injector received that is disassembled or missing parts will not be accepted as a good core. There is a $50.00 charge per damaged solenoid. Cores should be returned in original packaging to avoid damage. To make special arrangements for core returns please contact us at 409-383-4766 for approval.


Click here to download Powerstroke fuel injector limited lifetime warranty information from Unlimited Diesel.