Sky's Offroad Design Super Duty Panhard Bracket

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Product Overview

2005+ Axle Swap Panhard Bracket

There is a 2 week lead time on all SKY products

This bracket from Sky's Offroad Designs is built to match stock 05+ suspension geometry. Giving you the best ride and handling possible 

 -Gives 3.5" of up-travel at stock ride height (as much as a stock new truck)

-Designed in conjunction with stock superduty trucks to mimic factory geometry

-Box braced design to spread load evenly among the bracket.

If you're using an adjustable panhard bar, we highly recommend the ICON 64035 Bar

 The bracket was designed to clear with full lock steering, hug around the diff for maximum uptravel, and align the panhard bar with the axle. There is excess material in the engine cradle that is easily trimmed with a hand grinder.

(Please see picture for example of amount needed trimmed with ICON Adjustable Bar)

-Will require very minor trimming (1/16") on the cradle for stock panhard bar.

-Will require minor trimming (3/8") on the cradle for ICON Adjustable Panhard Bar.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review