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(85-97) OBS Adjustable Panhard Bar

(85-97) OBS Adjustable Panhard Bar

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Sky's Offroad Design F-350 4x4 Adjustable Panhard Bar (aka Trac Bar) (88-97)

  • Adjustable panhard bar to locate the axle underneath the truck
  • Replaces factory non-adjustable bar
  • Improved steering feel from less side to side axle movement.
  • Heavy wall 1.125 x .250 wall D.O.M tube


  • Truck: 85-97 F-350 or Solid Axle Converted F-250
  • Axle: 85-97 Ford Dana 60

Additional Information:

Threaded ends will adjust out to 1 1/2". Bar is factory length fully collapsed.  Combined with the pan hard drops you can correct for up to a 6" lift.

At 6"+ of lift we recommend the Crossover Panhard Kit and Crossover Steering.

You will feel increased road vibration with heim joints, but they will last longer.


Installs the same as factory. Install at ride height, adjust until bolts slide in. To check alignment a pair of plumb bobs on a string across the hood will tell you exactly how far off you are. We have seen up to a 3/4 inch of axle offset from the factory.